Jerome Redfarn Biography



I move to France to Studied Painting at Le Havre Ecole des Beaux Arts. 

Here I try out every style of painting, including body painting (only, not with my own body) In Le Harve I make money by painting signs and shop windows.





I move from Le Harve to Paris, after many attacks by French Rockers, who  ransack my flat and cut up my paintings, except one which they steal! In Paris I get some work with French Sculptor Jean-Michel Marchelle, helping lighting his work for exhibition. At this time I take up graffiti painting with stencils, only to catch Pleurisy from the car spray paint and return to London, spitting blood.






I study Film & Video at St Martins School of Art, B.A. (Hons).






In 1984 a friend Marc Conway and myself start Trigger Happy Films from a Squat in Longacre, Covent Garden and I Direct my 1st Pop Promo for The Sid Presley Experience  ‘Public Enemy No. 1’ for ID Records.





After a summer of bike dispatch work for Vanguard, I got a job managing Count 8 Video Productions for Tony Askew. Tony also had a Staging Company & a Lighting Company, Studios and Location Vehicles and use to stage light and film live shows/events. 





Tony's ideas where always very ambitious; an example would be dropping an entire Mexican Band out the ceiling on a platform. Only the platform descended so fast the Mexican Band had to race the middle of the platform and arrived in a heap on the floor. On anther occasion he build an enormous replica of the QE2 that would enter the dinning hall then split open reveling a ramp on which a white piano and pianist would glide down amongst the dinners whilst playing. Only the braking system failed and instead the pianist and piano went shooting into the dinning hall taking out the 1st row of dinners. 


Suffice to say I gained a lot of experience working with Tony, mainly as a Beta SP Camera man, 3 machine Beta SP Editing and Vision Mixing. 


For 3 years running we filmed all the London, Paris, and Milan Fashion shows. Other output at this time included: 


Video productions for



Elle Decor, 



Productions for TV 

Def II for BBC2, 

Club X for Channel 4,

Clothes Show For BBC1, 

Daily News Reports for Anglia TV.


(I have many fond memories of working with Tony who is an inspiration to me.)



End of 1988, I independently technically produced live Multi-Camera Concerts: 

The Sugar Cubes at the Astoria,

The Italian Rock Invasion, at the Hammersmith Empire

THUSA - (The Heart Under South Africa) Featuring exiled musicians from South Africa, at the Hackney Empire.



I join Max Presents Photographic Agency with Imperial Eye. Producing

multi-layered images for magazines, LP Covers, and Adverts. Clients at this time include.


Photography for Magazines -

Vanity Fair Magazine,

The Face Magazine,

Blitz Magazine,

Sky Magazine.


Band Album covers  -

‘All about Eve'

'Queen Bee' 

(see Images)


Advert for  - 

Katherine Hamnett:  

Barclays Bank.



1990 – 1991:

I join Wicked Films with Imperial Eye as a Music Promo Director. 

Some video’s I Directed at this time include.


REBEL MC…'Street Tuff' …Label: Desire Records

SUGAR BULLET…'World Peace'…Label: Virgin Records UK

49ERS… 'Girl to Girl'…Label: Island

DOUBLE TROUBLE…'Talk Back'…Label: Desire Records

OH WELL… 'I’ll be forever your man'…Label: Parlophone

REBEL MC.  'Better World' Label: Desire Records




In 1991 I also Directed/Camera some Documentary pieces. Some I made independently and some where made for BMG UK.


Skinheads  (In Kings Cross)  Independent

Gang Star  In New York for BMG

Young Disciples  In Austria for BMG

Norman Jay  In Czechoslovakia for BMG

Kinky-Gerlinky  (A Transvestite Nightclub) Independent

New York 'Voguers'  for Blitz Magazine



I join TRIGGER HAPPY Films who represent me as a Director. Some music promos I Directed at this time include.


NOMAD…'Devotion'…Label: Atlantic

SCRITTI POLITTI & SHABBA RANKS…'She's a Woman'  Label: Virgin Records

OMAR…'There's Nothing Like This'…Label: Talkin’ Loud

CANDY FLIP…'Redhills Rd'…Label: Atlantic

ESPIRITU…'Franchesca'…Label: Columbia

INNER CITY. ..'Let It Reign'…Label: 10 Records Ltd

ALI & FRAZOR…'Uptown Top Ranking'…Label: Arista

RAW UNLIMITED…'Mr Big Stuff' (In my Heart)…Label: Ten

B-TRIBE…'Fiesta Fatal'…Label: Atlantic USA

OUTLAW POSSE…'Party Time'…Label: Gee Street

AWESOME 3.  'Let's Go'…Label: A&M

BEF.  'I Don't Know Why' ('I Love You')…Label: Ten Records Ltd


49ERS.  'Got to be Free'…Label: Media Records

SCRITTI POLITTI & SWEETIE IRIE…'Take Me in Your Arms'  Virgin Records

C.J. LEWIS…'Sweets for my Sweet'…Label: MCA 

Manhattan COSMETICS.  (Advert)  Filmed in Los Angeles. 


UNIQUE 3…’Rhythm Takes Control’…10 Records Ltd

GRACE UNDER PRESSURE…’Make My Day’….Label: ARS Productions

NOMAD…’Your Love is Lifting Me’…Label: Atlantic



In 1995 I join 4.D Films 34 Lexington St, London, W1. 8QT.  

Videos I Directed with 4D include:  


NATURAL BORN CHILLERS…'Rock the Funky Beat'…Label: Warner Music UK

ADAM F...'Circles'…Label: F-Jam

ADAM F…'Music in my mind'…Label: F-Jam

PURITY…'Bullets for words'…Label: Tommy Boy Music

SMOKE CITY…'Jogga Bossa'…Label: Jive UK

GARY MOORE VS Professor Stretch ’Always There for You’ Label: Virgin

B.T.  'Loving you more'…Label:..Perfecto

PUBLIC DEMAND…'Invisible'…Label: ZTT 

ARKARNA…'House on fire'…Label: Kinetic Records

PURITY…’Interferance’… Label: Tommy Boy Music

DIVA SURPRISE…’On Top of The World’…EMI Records UK

BBE…’Deeper Love’…Label: Positiva

KATTY MARTINE…’Je T’m’…Label: Daniel Vangarde

TZANT….’Hot & Wet’…Label: Logic UK

FELONIE…’Before I let You Go’…Label: Parlophone

KATTY MARTINE…’Toute La Nuite’…Label: Daniel Vangarde

PJ & DUNCAN…’If I Give You My Number’…Label: Telstar

UP YER RONSON…‘Lost in Love’…Label: Polydor




Director at Bullet Films, 23 Ganton St London W1V 1LA. 

videos I Directed at this time include:           


ALABAMA 3...'Too Sick to Pray'…Label: One Little Indian  

OASIS…‘Where did it all go wrong’…(visuals) 

TIN TIN OUT…'Eleven to Fly'…Label: Virgin

MANCHILD/THEROPY? …'Rehab'…Label: One Little Indian

SISTER BLISS/FAITHLESS  'Sister Sister'…Label: Multiply Records

GLOOM…Short Drama 5 mins…Bullet Films



After a slow year with Bullet films I decided it was time to concentrate on Drama which had been my original motivation and took 6 months off to write a Feature Film scripts ‘The Risk’ based on an original story by Rory Perkins. After some initial interest in the script, things fell flat. The 6 months soon turned into year and by this time Bullet Films had terminated trading. I decided to get out of London for a while and moved to Penzance in Cornwall. 

(see Writing: for a brief out-line of ‘The Risk’ script.)

In Penzance I did a course in Photoshop at the Digital Peninsula Network.


2003- 2004:

In Cornwall I worked doing illustrations for a Men’s Magazine ‘Code’. Also I produced some short films for South West Screen Digital shorts.


Produced short film 'Jubilee Pool' UK Film Fund.

Produced short film 'The Way Things Work' UK Film Fund.

Produced short film ‘Birt Dynley' UK Film Fund.


At this time I continued to do Avid editing.


Edited DM Thomas’s….‘Hell Fire Corner’. DirMarie Macneill

Edited Jonny Boy …..‘The Generation that Bought more Shoes’ Dir: Don Letts.

Edited THE COOPER TEMPEL CLAUSE…’Lets Kill the Music’…Label Morning Records

Edited EASY WORLD.....’You & Me’........Label Jive…Dir Richard Heslop

Edited SPAN……’Found’……Label  Universal Island Records…Dir Richard Heslop

Edited SPAN…… ‘Span’……Label  Universal Island Records…Dir Richard Heslop


I also co-wrote another Feature Film script based on Smuggling in Cornwall called  ‘Scilly Automatic’ with co author Cameron Carter.

(see Writing: for a brief out-line of  ‘Scilly Automatic’ script.)




I worked as a Director of Photograph and in the last 5 months of 2005 I produced shot and edited a 30 min Drama ‘Paki Slag’ which is a modern take on Romeo & Juliet.  Shot on the home town estates of the 7/7 bombers in West Yorkshire. The film tackles the plight of interracial relationships. (The films title ‘Paki Slag’ is a term used on the estates for a white girl that dates an Asian boy.)  



40 MINS Dance Film for Flying Feet…Choreographed By Hattie Worboys


D.o.P… THE NIHANG (A secret history of the Sikhs) 

1 HOUR DOCUMENTARY for HIVE CENTRAL TV. (Shot on location in India)



30 MINS DOCUMENTARY for Heritage FUND. (Shot on location in Pakistan)



30 MINS DRAMA for MONDO MEDIA (Shot in Salford Manchester.)


D.o.P/Editor/Producer… ‘PAKI SLAG’

30 MINSDRAMA for UK FILM FUND (Shot on the estates of West Yorkshire.)



2006 – 2007:

I bought an Avid Media Composer & join Hive Cental TV as a Director/D.o.P/Editor. 


Director/DoP/Editor…NALOXONE (The Opiate Antidote) 

for Manchester Ambulance…A Dramatized Documentary about the effects of an opium overdose. Filmed working with ex addicts/offenders from Salford Manchester. Using graphics & CGI effects to illustrate the information.



For the Home Office…A hard hitting documentary about the escalating violence around young people today. Made with the assistance of West Yorkshire Police the film detailed with graphic depiction of the effects of guns & knifes. Screened at schools across Britain.


Director/DoP/Editor… ‘SMART’

An information film, aimed at young people who have problems with parents suffering from addiction.


Director/DoP/Editor… ‘SCALPING A SIKH’

For Bodaloka TV ….15 min Dramatized account of a Sikh boy cutting his hair off, against the wishes of his family/culture and the effects this made to his life.


Director/DoP/Editor… ‘FINDING FAITH’ 

A Documentary exploring the similarities and differences in major religions in Britain. Looking at the attitudes towards Life & Death, God, Religious tolerance within a cross section of diverse communities found in North England.